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Supplying the radio Industry with broadcast services.

Welcome to our home on the internet we hope you find all you need on our site.

We've been providing radio services for over 26 years for groups and organisations big and small right across the UK. One of our first projects was the RSL for Meadowhall Shopping and Leisure Centre in Sheffield. The station was on the air for 5 years generating 7 RSL broadcasts in the summer and in the run up to Christmas. Our company at the time was called Media Broadcast Services but we've moved on since then to concentrate more on what we do best, RADIO, and so a name change to Radio Broadcast Services was in order.

As MBS we were the first group in the UK to use on an RSL the brand new RDS - Radio Data System, a mainstay of broadcasters today.

If you are looking to set up and run an RSL, Community Radio, Hospital Radio, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio or indeed a full time Commercial Station then we can help. Our expertise and knowledge of the radio industry will ensure that we get you off to a great start. We can provide everything from advice and planning, through to studio build and commission, to post installation repairs and maintenance.

As well as the technical and hardware we can also supply the know how. Having worked in radio for over 20 years we have a substantial knowledge base of how a radio station is run. We can advise on programming, promotion, scheduling, news, sales and just about anything else that you can think of.

We will be more than happy to put together and deliver training packages specifically designed and tailored to your radio station and the abilities of your staff.

For more information of how Radio Broadcast Services can help your business succeed then drop us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Denton
Managing Director