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Our Services

At Radio Broadcast Services we can provide your company or organisation with numerous audio and radio related services to keep your business on the air.

Below are some of the services we offer to our clients. We can offer a full end to end service from planning - build - training - maintenance and repair. If there's something you need and can't see it below please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Diagram showing how our services work

Regular Servicing

We can provide a high quality service and maintenance contract for your studio / equipment / transmitter. You decide what service level agreement you require then leave us to get on with the job while you focus on running a successful radio station. Regular inspections and maintenance ensures that your equipment is in tip top condition and as a result an extended lifespan.

Emergency Call Out

We can, if required, provide 24/7 emergency call out cover. This will ensure that your station / studio will be offline for as little time as possible. We know how important your equipment is to your business and we will do all we can to ensure you're back up and running as soon as possible.

Transmitter Location & Planning

We can provide a single element of your transmission network or a complete solution to support you through every stage of launching your service. We can perform all of the initial transmitter location investigation work, including ensuring your transmission site maximises your audience by selecting the optimal site location. We will work with you and your licence requirements to ensure maximum coverage and ensuring your RF transmission meets the concerns of the public and the needs of the regulator.

Equipment Sales

Over the years we have built strong relationships with key equipment manufacturers and can offer you the best equipment at the best prices. We are not tied to any one manufacturer so when it comes to making a decision of what equipment you need we can offer impartial advice and work with you to custom build a system to suit your needs.

New Studio Construction

We can plan and arrange the construction of your studio complex. From an empty room we can install the woodwork, wiring and equipment as well as plan and undertake the installation of the equipment rack room/s.

Outside Broadcasts

Need to return audio back to your studio for transmission? no idea how to get the quality of audio back from halfway up a mountain? Then leave it to us because we do as we have done it before for other clients. For all your audio "back to base" links, let us put a system in place that will get you transmitting from virtually anywhere.

Radio Training

Having spent 20 years working in the radio industry we have a vast knowledge of how to run a radio station. From operating the equipment to running the audio playout / recording software, to programme clocks and advert scheduling, to news presentation and personality links. Radio Broadcast Services can help support, coach and guide your staff through the basics right up to advanced level.

Commercial Production / Station Imaging

We can arrange for all your commercial production needs at very cost effective prices. Need a Jingle / Station Id Package we can arrange that as well. What about sweepers and promos? we know just the right people to make you sound amazing on air.